• mid-day walks
  • overnight service
  • doggy playdates
  • doggy excursions
  • hiking, dog parks, jogging
  • pet taxi (vet, groomer transportation)
  • injections, medication
  • kitty care
  • winterizing/house watching
  • plants
  • exotic animals

Why choose Critter Companions? Besides dependable, reliable, friendly, flexible and easy to work with, we are over the top crazy about animals! We provide much more than the services listed above, such as, empathy, compassion, kindness, caring and overall interest in the welfare of your pets and home.

5 thoughts on “Services

  1. Hello. I was using a young teenage boy I know as our dog walker. He is pretty unreliable, as you can assume a teenage boy would be. I stay at home with my sons, but occasionally need a dog walker for our 2 dogs when we go on vacation. We have a fenced in yard so it’s really just being outside with them while they play. Are you taking new clients? If so, what’s your pricing. And also… We need a walker for this weekend! As the boy fell through on his plans. Ugh let me know if you can help me out?

  2. Hi. I am a recently retired educator interested in doing some part time pet sitting. I love animals and have had rescues myself and done some pet sitting for friends and neighbors. Do you have any positions available? Please contac me if you would like to discuss further. Thanks so much. Lisa Olsen

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